Indicative Sanctions Guidance Consultation

Consultation on revised Indicative Sanctions Guidance

The GCC is seeking comments on suggested changes to its Indicative Sanctions Guidance (ISG) before a new version is finalised early in 2018.

We have reviewed the previous version of the ISG to take account of recent legal changes, the introduction of a new Code in 2016 and to improve clarity.

We are seeking responses to a number of specific questions about the aspects of the revised ISG that have changed compared to the current version, but would also welcome general feedback on the usefulness of the document.

Please complete the consultation questions below or if you would prefer, email a response to [email protected].

Additional information about the consultation on the ISG is here.

Documents for consultation

Revised Indicative Sanctions Guidance

Bank of conditions


It would be helpful if any individuals responding could also identify whether they are GCC registrants or if not, whether they have direct experience of the GCC hearings process.
Do you consider that the section headed “why are sanctions imposed” is sufficiently clear in its explanation of the GCC’s over-arching objective?

Do you consider that the section on “the committee decision-making process” sets out the way in which decisions are to taken in different scenarios in enough detail for it to assist anyone reading the sanctions guidance to understand the process?

Do you think the section on “Conditions of Practice Orders” provides sufficient information about the circumstances in which conditions may be imposed, and about the process to be followed by the committee?

Is the introduction of a “bank” of conditions something you feel will help committees to impose consistent and workable conditions?

Is the additional information contained in the revised section about review hearings helpful in clarifying the different committees’ options at review hearings?

Do you have any concerns about the wording of any of the specific template conditions with the proposed conditions bank?
Are there any additional conditions you think we should add to the proposed bank?
Do you have any further feedback in relation to the clarity of particular sections of the ISG or conditions bank?