Undergraduate Education

Chiropractic students in the UK typically study for four years to gain their chiropractic degree.

The GCC decides whether education providers are entitled to issue chiropractic degrees and decides which programmes meet its Education Standards

During their degree course, students must meet set standards (learning outcomes) for the following areas of knowledge and skill:

  • The spectrum of chiropractic care, context and history.
  • Assessing and determining the health needs of patients.
  • Selecting and applying appropriate evidence based care to meet the needs and preferences of the patient.
  • Critically evaluating scientific research methods in the context of clinical practice.
  • Communicating effectively with the public, patients and other healthcare professionals
  • Understanding the nature of professional accountability.

Thinking about studying chiropractic?

To be eligible for GCC registration, UK graduates must have successfully completed a GCC recognised university degree programme .The GCC has recognised Masters in Chiropractic from three UK institutions.

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