Information for registered chiropractors

This section provides advice and guidance for current GCC registrants.

Paying your fee by direct debit

Information if you wish to pay your annual retention fee in advance by direct debit.

Updating your details on the Register

How to update the information we hold about you.

CPD for Chiropractors

Our CPD requirements.

Guidance for chiropractors on using their registered name, registration number and the title 'Dr'

How you may describe yourself.

The 'I'm Registered' logo and promoting your registration

How you can use our 'I'm registered' logo.

Transferring to practising registration

How non practising chiropractors can apply to transfer to practising registration.

Insurance and indemnity

Your legal requirements for professional indemnity arrangements.

GCC registration options if you are not practising in the UK/ removing your name from the Register

What to do if you no longer wish to practice as chiropractors in the UK.

Certificate of good standing/ current professional status

How they can obtain a certificate of current professional status from the GCC.