Transferring to practising registration

This section is for chiropractors who are currently registered as non-practising, but who wish to transfer to practising registration.

Please note it is an offence to practise as a chiropractor in the UK, while being registered as non-practising. We strongly recommend not booking any patients until such time as you have received confirmation from the GCC that your name has been transferred to practising registration.

We only accept original documents by post. documents scanned and emailed, or those with scanned signatures will not be accepted.

We will normally look at your application within 24 hours of its arrival. However, if you are sending us a self-assessment questionnaire as you have not been registered as practising for two or more years, please allow 7 days for us to reply to you.

Whats on this page?


If you paid the £100, this means you must not practise in the UK as a chiropractor.  However, we understand that registrants circumstances can change and there is provision for you to apply to transfer to practising registration.


What must I do to transfer?

Non-practising chiropractors wishing to apply for transfer to practising registration should send us:

Is there anything else I need to send?

Sometimes registrants may also need to send us:

  • a certificate of good standing if you have practised outside the UK in a jurisdiction that regulates chiropractors, e.g., Australia, Canada, US
  • a police record check if you have received a criminal conviction or caution in any country since you applied to retain on the Register
  • a medical report if you have had a health issue during their period as non-practising
  • certified copies of any documentation of change of name if you wish to practise under a name that is different to your current registered name.

Can I scan and email or fax my application to you?

No, we will only transfer your name to practising registration once we have processed your application upon receipt of the original application documentation by post.

Can I practise before you process my application?

No, you will be committing an offence if you practise as a chiropractor while being registered as non-practising


How long will my registration last once I have been transferred?

As with all registrations you will need to retain on the Register by 30 November this year. This will be the same at whatever point in the year you are transferred


I have already paid £100, do I have to pay the full £800?

Yes, transfers have a separate fee which are not part of the previous retention fee you paid. You must therefore pay the full £800 before we are able to transfer you.


I will no longer be practising as a chiropractor before the registration year ends. Can I transfer from practising to non-practising registration?

No, its only possible to transfer to practising registration during the registration year. If you wish you may apply for non-practising registration during the retention period, so that non-practising registration begins on 1 January next year.


What would you like to do next?

Fill in and print a transfer application form

View the GCC rules on professional indemnity insurance