Test of Competence

Chiropractors who wish to practise in the UK but whose chiropractic qualifications are from outside the EU are required to take (and pass) our Test of Competence (TOC) before they can register and practise here.

To pass the TOC you need to be able to demonstrate to a panel of chiropractors that you meet the standards set out in The Code : Standards of conduct, performance and ethics for chiropractors and that you will be able to practise safely in the UK.

We run four TOC interviews each year. The timetable for 2017 is: 

The Timetable for TOC Interviews in 2017 is

 TOC Interview Date Closing Date for Applications
Thursday 19th January 2017  CLOSED
Thursday 23rd March 2017   CLOSED 
Thursday 22nd June 2017   Friday 12th May 2017 
Thursday 14th September 2017  Friday 4th August 2017 


You need to carefully consider which interview date to apply for. While we advise you to apply early as places at each one are limited and places may fill up before the closing date, previous candidates have reported that it can take some time to both collate all of the documentation that is required and to prepare themselves for the interview.


To help people taking the TOC, we have prepared a guide that we suggest you read before you apply and then regularly refer to during the application process it. You can find it here.

If you are already on the register, and you are helping someone take the TOC, you can find information on how you can help here.

If you plan to apply for the TOC, you should read the following sections carefully:                         


How to Apply

Find out how to apply, how you should prepare for the TOC and what you should do before you apply to take it.


At the TOC Interview

Find out more about the interview


After the TOC

How you get your result


Useful information            

Read about successful candidates' experiences

Guide for TOC Applicants

Guide for Employers

TOC Statistics

Patient Record Issues

Frequently Asked Questions


Become a TOC assessor

Find out how to become a TOC assessor


What is expected of a chiropractor in the UK?

See our guidance (FAQs) for chiropractors new to UK practice