The Professional Conduct Committee

The Professional Conduct Committee is made up of chiropractic and lay panelists.  The panelists are independent, but are required to take account of the GCC’s guidance.

The Professional Conduct Committee considers complaints against chiropractors referred to it by the Investigating Committee. The Committee can decide whether to determine a complaint by a public hearing, or by private written submissions of evidence. If it is found that a complaint against a chiropractor is well founded, the Committee will take one of the following steps:

  • admonish the chiropractor
  • order the Registrar to suspend the chiropractor’s registration for a specified period
  • impose a conditions of practice order
  • order the Registrar to remove the chiropractor’s name from the register.

Committee Members

David Clark (Legally Qualified Chair)

Gelaga King (Legally Qualified Chair)

Neil Mercer (Legally Qualified Chair)

Anne Shamash (Legally Qualified Chair)

Miran Uddin (Legally Qualified Chair)

Paul Allison

Geoffrey Baines

James Gaiger

Philip Geering

Samuel Guillemard

Stephen Greep

Gillian Hawken

Debbie Hill 

Daniel Heritage

Rama Krishnan

Gail Mortimer

Gail Parker

Helen Potts

Stuart Smellie

Carolyn Tetlow