The GCC's statutory duties

The GCC's statutory duty, as set out in the Act, is 'to develop and regulate the profession of chiropractic'. The over-arching objective of the GCC (as set out in statute) is the protection of the public. This involves the pursuit of the following objectives:

a) protecting, promoting and maintaining the health, safety and well-being of the public;

b) promoting and maintaining public confidence in the profession of chiropractic; and

c) promoting and maintaining proper professional standards and conduct for members of that profession.

What we do

  • The GCC maintains the register of all those permitted to practise chiropractic in the UK.
  • We set, maintain and develop the standards of proficiency and to, standards of practice and conduct.
  • We investigate complaints [] that chiropractors have been guilty of unacceptable professional conduct or professional incompetence, or convicted of a criminal offence.  We can also take action in respect of any chiropractor whose fitness to practise is seriously impaired due to physical or mental ill-health.
  • We recognise and assure qualifications in chiropractic granted by UK education institutions and ensure that chiropractors undertake continuing professional development [] and have appropriate indemnity arrangements in place.

In this section

The ‘About Us’ section of our website outlines what we do and contains links to our Mission, Vision and Strategic Aims. It also includes links to information about certain aspects of our work.

In the ’Council’  section of our website there is further information about the structure and governance of the GCC and details of Council meetings, as well as the meeting papers and minutes. 

Details of our staff team can be found in the “Staff” section, information about how to contact us can be found under “Contact us” and information about any recruitment vacancies can be found in the “Vacancies” section.

Annual Report

Each year, we produce a formal report outlining the work we have done in the preceding year. These reports are available in the “Publications” section of our website, under “Corporate Publications”. Other reports about our work, as well as our Business Plans are also available in that section of our website


We welcome comments and feedback about this website and the information on it. If you have any comments or if you have not been able to find the information you want in this section or on the website as a whole, please contact us by emailing [email protected].

The organisation

The General Chiropractic Council (GCC) consists of a Council, its committees  and a small team of staff.

How we work together

The Council is responsible for ensuring that the GCC fulfils its statutory objectives. It sets the strategic direction for the organisation and oversees the implementation of that strategy. The role of the Council is set out in full in the Governance Manual.

Various committees implement the policies of Council and exercise delegated authority for some statutory and regulatory roles.

Complaints about unacceptable professional conduct, professional incompetence, a chiropractor with a conviction or impaired fitness to practise are decided by statutory committees that are operationally separate from the Council (in order to ensure their decision-making is independent).

Information about the Chair and Council Members can be found at The Council’s work is supported by a small team of staff headed by the Chief Executive and Registrar, Rosalyn Hayles.  The Chief Executive and Registrar is accountable to the Council for ensuring that the GCC staff team implements the policies set by the Council.


The Council Code of Conduct sets out the standards that Council members must meet in carrying out their roles.  It also applies to others who carry out various work for the GCC, including members of statutory and non-statutory committees, Test of Competence assessors and Visitors appointed by the Education Committee, and others such as Legal and Medical Assessors appointed to assist the Investigating, Professional Conduct and Health committees.  We call these individuals “GCC Partners”. You can find the Council Code of Conduct within the Governance Manual.

All Council Members, GCC Partners and GCC staff must declare and register any interests they have outside of the GCC.

The Governance Manual contains information about how the GCC is structured and managed as well as GCC policies on remunerating Council and GCC Partners.