PSA 2017/18 performance review report

The General Chiropractic Council (GCC) has today welcomed the Professional Standards Authority’s (PSA) 2017/18 performance review report.  The GCC has met all 24 of the PSA’s Standards of Good Regulation.

The PSA report notes that the GCC has improved its performance and in particular made an improvement in customer service provided in fitness to practise cases.   The GCC again met the relevant standards of good regulation for its Standards, Education and Registration work.

The review included an analysis of the following:

•              Council papers, including performance reports

•              policy and guidance documents

•              statistical performance dataset

•              third party feedback            

•              a check of the GCC register

•              information available through our review of final fitness to practise decisions under the Section 29 process.


The PSA also carried out a targeted review of Standard 3 of the Standards of Good Regulation for Registration and Standards 3 and 7 of the Standards of Good Regulation for Fitness to Practise.

The report highlights a number of ways in which the GCC is meeting the standards including by:

•              Updating its guidance on advertising

•              Enabling easy access to information about registrants

•              Planning the progress of the complaints about registrant advertising

•              Keeping all parties updated on progress in fitness to practise cases

GCC Chair, Mary Chapman, commented, “We are very pleased that the PSA has recognised efforts made during the last eighteen months to improve our customer service and communication with participants in Fitness to Practice processes. Meeting all the standards of good regulation is a significant achievement, reflecting the hard work of staff during a period of considerable change at the GCC.

We will continue to strive for ‘right touch’ regulation within the constraints of our current legislation and look forward to working with the PSA and Government on regulatory reform and legislative changes.”


The full report and snapshot summary are available at:


Every year the PSA assesses the performance of the nine health and care professional regulators against its standards of good regulation, which cover the following areas:  guidance and standards; education and policy; registration; and, fitness to practise. The period covers 1st October 2017 – 30th September 2018. 


29th October 2018