Patients and Partners

Patients and Partners provide the expertise that the GCC needs for its decision making. Our Partners ensure that we have input from both chiropractors and lay persons into what we do.

The GCC's Partners have a wide range of roles that can be filled by people with different experiences, qualifications and expertise. This can range from members of the public to qualified legal experts and chiropractors.

For further information on the GCC's Partners please click on the Partner roles below.


Conflicts of Interest

The GCC's Partners must disclose any interest which they may have (or might be seen to have) in the outcome of any decision in which they are asked to participate. Partners must disclose any interest that could otherwise prejudice any service they are asked to perform.

Partners must consider potential conflicts of interest at the earliest stage possible and declare any interest as soon as they realise it is necessary to do so. A Partner must not participate in any decision or perform any other service until the potential conflict is resolved.

Partners must recognise that:

  •  in dealing with conflicts of interest the test to be applied is not whether an interest would influence their decision, but whether a member of the public, acting reasonably, may think that it might have such an influence;
  •  similar considerations apply to the interests of a close relative as a member of the public, acting reasonably, may regard those interests as effectively being the interests of the Partner; and
  • the key principle is the need for transparency in respect of any interest which may be regarded by a member of the public, acting reasonably, as potentially affecting the Partner’s objectivity.