Information for Patients and the Public

Patient/ Public Representatives

Could you be a voice for patients and the public? We are looking to expand our database of individuals willing to be consulted by the GCC on different aspects of its work.  If you would like to give us your contact details so that you can be involved please e-mail [email protected]

Patient and Public Involvement in Chiropractic Education

Chiropractic education providers seek to involve patients and public in all aspects of their programmes, from the development of the programme through to the delivery of the programme and assessment of students.  

GCC approval visits to institutions sometimes include a meeting with patients as one of the elements in the visit schedule when submissions are being considered.  The Annual Monitoring Process seeks information from each provider on patient and public involvement over the previous academic year, plans for improving the education programme as a result of the involvement and plans for improving the involvement of patients and the public in the following year.