Test of Competence (TOC) Assessors

The role of the Test of Competence (TOC) Assessment Panel is to impartially assess the evidence presented by chiropractors from overseas who do not hold a chiropractic degree from an education programme recognised by the GCC and provide recommendations to the Registrar on whether the evidence is sufficient to meet the criteria for registration.

The role requires members of the panel to assess the written evidence submitted by applicants, conduct interviews and make recommendations to the Registrar on the basis of the paperwork and interviews.


The TOC External Examiner

The External Examiner is independent of the GCC and has a key role in processes related to quality assuring and enhancing the Test of  Competence (TOC.)

The purpose of external examining is to ensure that:


  • the standard of the TOC is set and maintained at the level of the Code benchmarked against the programme outcomes in the Degree Recognition Criteria and that the assessment of applicants is properly judged against this standard


  • the TOC process appropriately assesses the achievement of applicants against this standard, and is rigorous, implemented fairly and is consistent with the GCC’s policies and legislation.


  • the GCC is able to compare the standards it applies in the TOC to the standards demanded of higher education institution programmes recognised in the UK and hence have confidence in the TOC process.