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Monthly Reports

They give details of chiropractors whose registration status has changed during the month. The reports include:

  • new registrants
  • those who have left the Register
  • restorations to the Register
  • transfers to practising registration
  • any disciplinary actions affecting a registrant’s ability to practise.

August 2022

July 2022

June 2022

May 2022

April 2022

March 2022

February 2022

January 2022

December 2021

November 2021

October 2021

September 2021



Annual Reports










From 2020 onwards the GCC has produced an annual report covering the Test of Competence, as listed below alongside the External Examiners annual report quality assuring the Test of Competence process for the same period.

TOC Annual Report 2021               External Examiners Annual TOC report for 2021

TOC Annual Report 2020               External Examiners Annual TOC report for 2020 

The following reports are compiled annually for the Education Committee by the independent Test of Competence External Examiner. Further statistics on the Test of Competence for the relevant year can be found in the Annual Registration Reports above.

TOC Annual Report 2019

TOC Annual Report 2018 - 2019

TOC Annual Report 2017- 2018

TOC Annual Report 2016 - 2017

TOC Annual Report 2015 - 2016

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