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The General Chiropractic Council participates in a wide range of international activities that contribute to our work and supports the development of chiropractic regulation more widely. We work with a number of institutions and organisations outside the UK to promote high standards of chiropractic worldwide.

We are a founder member of the International Chiropractic Regulatory Society which encourages international consistency in chiropractic regulatory policy development and advocates best practice, ensuring patient safety remains central to all chiropractic regulatory activities.

We also collaborate with chiropractic accrediting agencies, including:

European Standard for Chiropractic Services

The General Chiropractic Council’s Code takes into account The Standard for Healthcare Provision by Chiropractors (The European Committee for Standardisation, 2012) which was adopted by the European Chiropractic Union. It sets out what the public should expect from a chiropractor: educationally, professionally and ethically.

Alliance of UK Health Regulators on Europe (AURE)

The General Chiropractic Council participates in this network that facilitates cross-regulator collaboration to discuss European developments, develop common positions and jointly respond to EU proposals and consultations, for example, the recognition of professional qualifications and plans linked to Brexit.

Memoranda of understanding: the Isle of Man and Gibraltar

The Isle of Man’s Health Care Professionals Act 2014 has put chiropractors on the same footing as the Island’s other healthcare professionals. All chiropractors working on the Isle of Man must be registered with the General Chiropractic Council. A Memorandum of Understanding (October 2014) supports the exchange of information between the Island’s Department of Health and us.

The General Chiropractic Council signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Gibraltar Medical Registration Board in January 2015.  The Board is now responsible for registering chiropractors in Gibraltar who will also be required to be registered with us.

GCC Strategy 2022-24 and Business Plan 2023

The GCC Strategy 2022-2024 has been developed to realise and address changes in our profession. Find out how the GCC will meet its commitments through this four-part strategy.

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Our Purpose and Strategic Aims

Find out about our purpose and strategic aims

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This section includes links to the legislation that governs the regulation of chiropractors in the UK and how we operate

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