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About Hearings

As part of our duty to protect the public we hold hearings into cases about chiropractic professionals.

A hearing is a formal proceeding where members of the Professional Conduct Committee (PCC) or the Health Committee (HC) consider the allegations of a complaint referred by the Investigating Committee.  There are usually three committee members, one of whom will be a chiropractor.  A independent barrister will also sit with the committee to give it legal advice.   

Hearings are usually held in public. This means that anyone can attend. Sometimes a hearing, or part of a hearing, may be held in private if confidential or intimate information is to be considered; or if the case involves a child or a vulnerable adult.

The case is argued by two legal teams - the GCC is represented by a barrister or a solicitor, or perhaps both. Usually the chiropractor will have a barrister or solicitor to put their case in response to the allegations that the GCC has made.

During a hearing, the committee listen to all the evidence and decide whether the chiropractor is guilty or not guilty of unacceptable professional conduct.  If they believe that the chiropractor is guilty, then the committee will impose a sanction. The purpose of a sanction is not to punish the chiropractor but to protect the public.

If a chiropractor is found guilty of ‘unacceptable professional conduct’ or ‘professional incompetence’ by the PCC, the committee can:

  • admonish the chiropractor.  This is a formal warning that remains on file
  • place a restriction, or conditions, on the chiropractor’s registration (for example, that the chiropractor works under supervision or has further training)
  • suspend the chiropractor’s registration
  • remove (‘strike off’) the chiropractor’s name from the register.

The Health Committee can place conditions on a chiropractor’s registration or suspend it.


Upcoming Hearings

Any upcoming hearings will be published here 28 days in advance of the hearing date.

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Recent Decisions

Recent decisions from hearings are published here.

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Information for Witnesses

If you are are due to give evidence at a hearing you can find out information here.

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