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Please note that most hearings are now held remotely as virtual hearings either by teleconference or video-link.

Attending a PCC Hearing

Rule 9 of the General Chiropractic Council (Professional Conduct Committee) Rules Order of Council 2000 requires that Professional Conduct Committee hearings must be held in public.  To fulfil this, we are able to provide a dial-in link to our virtual public hearings in order that interested parties can attend.  Should you wish to observe any of our public hearings please contact the Adjudications team – with your full name and the details of the case you wish to observe. You will be sent a Hearing Observer Agreement which must be signed and returned at least 48 hours in advance of the hearing in order for us to make all parties to the hearing aware and make the necessary arrangements. Please note that it is not possible to attend a hearing anonymously or under a pseudonym.

We would also advise that, while the observers can request attendance at interim suspension hearings, these are often subject to an application to be heard in private. If the application is successful then all observers will be unable to attend the private part of the hearing.

Date Registrant Hearing Notice
24 Jul 2024 Paul Allen View Notice

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Recent Decisions

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Information for Witnesses

If you are are due to give evidence at a hearing you can find out information here.

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