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The way we investigate complaints is set down by law to make sure everything is fair, open and done in the public interest. This means that once our complaints procedures start, everything must be done in a set way.

Following receipt of your complaint, we will:

  • write to you within seven days to tell you we have received your complaint
  • tell you if we can deal with your complaint
  • tell you who is dealing with your complaint and how to contact them
  • give you detailed information about what will happen next.

Sometimes, in serious cases where there appears to be an immediate risk to the public, the General Chiropractic Council may ask for a chiropractor to be prevented from seeing patients while a complaint is being considered. This means that a special committee meets at short notice and can immediately suspend the chiropractor’s registration.

As part of our investigation we will:

  • write to the chiropractor to tell them about your complaint. We must give them a copy of your complaint (and any other relevant documents) so that they know the details. If you are worried about this, please tell us
  • if the chiropractor provides a response to your complaint, we will send you a copy, so that you can comment if you would like to. If you provide any comments, we will give a copy of your comments to the chiropractor
  • ask you to agree to us obtaining a copy of your health records (if they are relevant to your complaint)
  • invite you to make a statement of evidence (statement). If you agree we will normally arrange for a member of our team to telephone you to go over the details of your complaint and draft the statement.
  • If you prefer not to make a statement, that will not be a problem. The Investigating Committe (see below) will rely on your complaint documentation and your complaint will be investigated in the normal way.

What does the Investigating Committee do?

When we have gathered together all the relevant information about your complaint, it will be considered in private by the Investigating Committee

The new Investigating Committee Decision Making guidance effective from 1 January 2023 is for the Investigating Committee to take into account when considering the outcome of a case.

If it is agreed that the chiropractor’s fitness to practise (see below) may be in question, the complaint will be referred to another one of the Council’s committees for a formal hearing. This will either be with the Professional Conduct Committee or the Health Committee.

More information on the formal hearings process can be found here.

What is fitness to practise?

Being fit to practise means that a chiropractor must have the skills, knowledge, health and character to do their job safely and effectively. The Code sets out the professional standards that chiropractors must uphold in order to be registered to practise in the UK.

Guidance for registrants

The GCC has produced a guide to advise registrants on what will happen if a complaint is made against them. It is not a substitute for legal advice or support from your professional association. The GCC cannot give you legal advice or tell you how to respond to a complaint. You should contact your professional association and professional indemnity insurer immediately if informed that you have a complaint about your conduct or practice.

How will I be informed of the Investigating Committee’s decision?

We will write to you to let you know the Investigating Committee’s decision and its reasons.

Make a Complaint

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This section provides more information about formal hearings of the Professional Conduct and Health Committees.

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