Hearings and Decisions

As part of our duty to protect the public we hold hearings into cases about chiropractic professionals once referred by the Investigating Committee.

The Professional Conduct Committee (PCC) and the Health Committee (HC) considers complaints, at a formal hearing, against chiropractors that have been referred from the Investigating Committee.

During the hearing, the committee listen to all the evidence and decide whether the chiropractor is guilty or not guilty of unacceptable professional conduct.  If they believe that the chiropractor is guilty, then the committee will impose a sanction.  

The PCC committee can:

  • admonish the chiropractor.  This is a formal warning that remains on file
  • place a restriction, or conditions, on the chiropractor's registration (for example, that the chiropractor works under supervision or has further training)
  • suspend the chiropractor's registration
  • remove ('strike off') the chiropractor's name from the register

If the Health Committee upholds a complaint against a chiropractor it may:

  • impose a conditions of practice order
  • suspend the chiropractor's registration

The purpose of sanctions is not to punish the chiropractor but to protect the public.

The guidance that the Professional Conduct Committee and the Health Committee follow in deciding which sanction to impose can be found here.  If the Professional Conduct Committee or the Health Committee consider imposing a Conditions of Practice Order, they will refer to the Conditions Bank when deciding which conditions to impose.    These two documents come into use from 1 May 2018.  

The previous version of the Guidance on Sanctions (2010) can be found here.


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