Making a Complaint

Before submitting a complaint it is important that you know what types of complaint the GCC can and can not deal with.  

Please take a moment to read this page.

We can only investigate complaints against registered chiropractors.  Please click the link to check whether the person is a registered chiropractor.

What complaints can the GCC take forward?

  • Treatment, care or advice given by a chiropractor
  • Any aspect of the professional or personal behaviour of a chiropractor
  • The physical or mental health of a chiropractor

What complaints are the GCC unable to investigate?

  • The GCC regulate individual chiropractors and do not accept complaints against clinics.
  • The GCC can not resolve matters that relate solely to payment.

We have no power in relation to compensation whatsoever.

As a general principle the GCC will not investigate allegations of the following matters since legally they do not amount to complaints of unprofessional conduct or professional incompetence.

This list is not intended as a complete list of all allegations which are beyond the scope of fitness to practice processes.

  • Complaints solely about business disputes;
  • Complaints solely about employment, contracts or business premises;
  • Complaints solely about fees or costs of treatment unless there are allegations of dishonesty or an intent to deceive or mislead;
  • Complaints brought solely to remedy a private grievance which does not raise issues of public protection, patients’ safety or the reputation of the profession;
  • Vexatious complaints
  • Complaints which solely relate to a registrant’s personal life unless the complaint: has the potential to bring the profession into disrepute; could potentially affect public confidence in the profession; relates to a conviction in the United Kingdom for a criminal offence; relates to a physical or mental condition which seriously impairs a registrant’s ability to practise as a chiropractor; or raises issues of public protection or patient safety;
  • Minor or single complaints about note taking/record keeping unless there is evidence of “incompetence or negligence to a high degree”;
  • Complaints which lie solely within the jurisdiction of another regulator and which should have been made to that regulator (as, for example, allegations relating to the treatment of animals); or
  • Complaints which amount to a difference of professional opinion and do not raise issues of public protection or patient safety.

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