The Investigation Process

Once we have received your complaint we will start an investigation.

The way we investigate complaints is set down by law to make sure everything is fair, open and done in the public interest.  So, once our complaints procedures start, everything must be done in a set way.

The investigation process is as follows:

  • We will write to the chiropractor to tell them about your complaint.  We must give them a copy of your complaint (and any other relevant documents) so that they know the details.  If you are concerned about this, please let us know
  • We will then send you a copy of what the chiropractor says about your complaint.  You are then given the opportunity to comment and we will send these further comments to the chiropractor
  • We may ask you to agree to our getting a copy of your health records (if relevant to your complaint)
  • We may invite you to make a statement of evidence, set out in a legal way.  We will ask if you are willing for a solicitor to visit or phone you to go over the details of the complaint and draft the statement of evidence of which you will need to sign under witness.  The GCC will pay for any solicitor's fees and the costs of witnessing your statement

If you do not want to make a statement of evidence, that will not be a problem, we will be able to rely on your original letter of complaint.

Once all the necessary information has been gathered, the case is referred to the Investigating Committee.

The Investigating Committee

When we have gathered together all the information that is available about your complaint, it will be discussed in private by the Investigating Committee.

The Investigating Committee will decide whether the chiropractor's fitness to practise may be in question.  If they deem that it is, then the Investigating Committee will send your complaint for a formal hearing by the Professional Conduct Committee (PCC) and Health Committee (HC).

We will write to you to let you know what the Investigating Committee's decision is and the reasons for this.