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The quality assurance handbook provides a step by step guide to our degree approval process. It allows existing and potential providers of chiropractic degrees to ensure that they are able to develop and administer programmes that meet our standards.

Student Fitness to Practise: Guidance for Education Providers suggests approaches for education providers to actively develop student fitness to practise during the course of the programme, and have measures in place to react quickly and fairly to any concerns about a students fitness to practise. An accompanying guide for students is also available.

Advice on Student clinical placements is supplementary to the Education Standards and sets out the general principles that education providers should consider as they set up and design clinical placements. This includes quality assurance considerations, ensuring parity of placement experience and insurance arrangements for the duration of a placement.

Advice note on supervision and delegation in chiropractic undergraduate education outlines the responsibilities and expectations of the supervising chiropractor, and undergraduate chiropractic students, within an education environment - particularly in relation to complaints.

Advice note on students acting as models for other students of the same or different sexes covers principles for education providers, students, registrants and members of the public on students acting as proxy patients.

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