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Existing educational providers:

Substantive changes to a chiropractic training programme form
As part of our approval and quality assurance system for chiropractic degrees, providers need to keep the GCC informed of any substantive changes to programmes as and when they occur.

Annual monitoring and self-assessment form
Providers need to complete this form annually to comply with our monitoring and self-assessment arrangements.

Further information on using the GCC Approved identity mark for approved degree courses.

Prospective educational providers:

If you are a provider considering offering a chiropractic degree course, the Quality Assurance Handbook will help you understand the process you need to undertake to show you meet our Educational Standards.

We ask that you submit certain documents using the specific templates below.

The Education Provider Template Guidance will assist you in completing the following templates.

Stage 1

Stage 2

Stage 3

Required at all stages

Additional Guidance

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Approved Degree Logo

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