Annual Monitoring

Each year, as part of the quality assurance of our recognised chiropractic degrees, chiropractic education providers are asked to submit annual monitoring reports for the previous academic year for each of the degree programmes that they deliver. This enables us to ensure that all of our approved chiropractic degree programmes continue to meet the criteria set out in our Education Standards.

Academic Year 2015-16

As with previous years, representatives from each of the educational institutions were invited to attend the Education Committee meeting that took place in April 2017. At this meeting, discussions were held between the education providers and the Committee both separately and collectively. Topics such as student recruitment challenges; the potential impact of the UK leaving the EU; student feedback; and patient engagement in teaching and learning were discussed. From these discussions, the providers were able to share best practice and the Education Committee was satisfied that all of the programmes that are currently recognised continue to meet our standards.

From September 2017, education providers will be following our new annual monitoring and self assessment arrangements that can be found in our guide for providers of chiropractic degrees.