Continuing Fitness to Practise Development Groups 2015/16

The GCC is setting up four registrant groups who will work with us on the developing our CPD scheme into a scheme that can assure the continuing fitness to practise of chiropractors.

Purpose of the groups

·        To work with the GCC on the development of CPD guidance for the current scheme

·        To develop the elements of a new CPD scheme that will assure the continuing fitness to practise of chiropractors.

The aims of the groups are to work in partnership with the GCC to:

·        identify and clarify good practice in CPD in the current scheme

·        produce examples of good practice in the current scheme that can be shared with others in the profession

·        explore and refine the elements of a new CPD scheme consistent with the broad principles agreed by Council at its meeting in March 2015

·        produce draft guidance on how the new scheme assures the continuing fitness to practise of chiropractors for wider consultation

·        advise the Council on areas of concern which need further consideration.


·        Membership of the groups is open to all chiropractors both newly qualified and those who have been in practice for several years.

·        We are keen to include chiropractors practising in a range of environments – sole practice, group practice with chiropractors, group practice with other health professionals, part time practice and non practising.

·        Each group will have 8-10 members.  Group size will be limited to facilitate development working

·        Individuals who sign up for a group are expected to attend three group meetings and to communicate on developments outside of the meetings.

·        Members are expected to have the time, interest and commitment to participate. 

·        Reasonable travel expenses and any expenses incurred to cover usual caring costs will be reimbursed.  

·        Membership is not open to those who hold an officer role in the professional associations or RCC as we will engage and consult with them separately

Benefits for individual chiropractors

·        Opportunity to input into and shape developments affecting the profession in the future

·        Insight into working with the GCC giving an understanding of the legislation which affects its actions

·        The chance to network with colleagues and form partnerships locally and nationally

Location of the groups

Glasgow or Edinburgh

Leeds or Manchester



Ways of working:

·        The groups will be organised and hosted by the GCC. Meetings will not be formally minuted but notes will be taken for the purpose of taking forward developments.

·        The groups will be facilitated by the GCC. The purpose of the groups is to be developmental so group members must be prepared to explore ideas and ‘think out of the box’.

·        Electronic communication in preparation for and between meetings will be necessary.

·        Through meetings and electronic communications group members will be able to share information and comments.