Development of the Education Standards

Review of the 2010 Degree Recognition Criteria

In October 2015, we began to review our Degree Recognition Criteria and the associated quality assurance system.  A number of factors were considered as part of the review. These included:

  • The development of the 2016 Code and changes that would need to be made as a result, as well as the other ongoing changes within the educational and healthcare environment.
  • The impact of current and forthcoming legislation relevant to healthcare regulation.
  • Key underlying principles of the need for fairness, equality and consistency.
  • The  International Framework for chiropractic education and accreditation from the Councils on Chiropractic Education International (CCEI) 
  • New and emerging technologies and their effect on higher education provision (e.g. mass open online courses – MOOCs) 
  • Consideration of the other healthcare regulators’ models of accreditation or recognition and quality assurance systems for bench-marking our processes against the wider sector.
  • The on-going work on quality standards within Higher Education. 
  • The overall style, structure and format of the Degree Recognition Criteria document.