Perceptions of preparedness of UK chiropractic graduates for practice

What were the key findings?

  • Overall the perceptions point to employers feeling that new registrants are generally prepared for practice, with a few specific areas as potential exceptions including communication skills.
  • Newly qualified practitioners were largely content with their preparation for practice as are, with some understandable small reservations, students in their final year.
  • ‘Transition interventions’ (shadowing, mentoring) are particularly important in supporting newly qualified chiropractors.
  • Employers feel newly qualified practitioners are generally good on clinical skills but weak on business/commercial skills.

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Why did we commission this research?

As part of our statutory duty to promote high standards of education we commissioned in 2016 research to help us understand the perceptions as to the preparedness of recent chiropractic graduates for practice and to look at the transition from student to newly qualified chiropractic practitioner.

What did the research involve?

The views of newly qualified chiropractors, educators/providers, final year students, the Royal College of Chiropractors, the professional associations and patients/public were gathered and analysed.  Similar studies conducted in other comparable sectors were identified and their thematic approach adapted to Chiropractic.

The research was carried out by Pye Tait Consulting.

Full report

The full report Perceptions of Preparedness of chiropractic graduates for practice (December 2017) can be found here.