Information for Chiropractic Schools

This page provides information for current and future education providers.

Education Standards and Quality Assurance Handbook

The GCC's Education Standards came into effect on 1st September 2017 replacing the 2010 Degree Recognition Criteria.  These standards are designed to make sure that graduates meet the requirements of the GCC’s Code.

The Education standards contain requirements about:

  • the level and nature of the degree programme
  • the outcomes that students need to achieve
  • the nature of the clinical experience and practice that students need to have before they can qualify with a chiropractic degree.

We have also developed a guide for education providers in the form of a Quality Assurance Handbook.  This handbook provides a step by step guide to our degree approval process and will allow existing and potential providers of chiropractic degrees to ensure that they are able to develop and administer programmes that meet our standard

For further details see


Professionalism in Action: A Guide for Education Providers on Student Fitness to Practise.

We have produced a guidance document for education providers institutions which sets out broad principals in relation to student fitness to practise. 

While the guidance is advisory, the General Chiropractic Council would expect to confirm that the principals are being followed when we approve chiropractic degrees and undertake annual monitoring.

Education providers are expected to:

  • actively develop student fitness to practise during the course of the programme, and
  • have measures in place to react quickly and fairly to any concerns about a            student’s fitness to practise.

Accompanying guidance for students can be found here.

Supplementary guidance

Principles of students acting as models for other students of the same and different sexes – principles for education providers, students, registrants and members of the public on students acting as proxy-patients for students of the other sex.

Supplementary advice to the Education Standards: Student Clinical Placements - sets out the general principles that education providers should consider as they set up and design clinical placements.  This importantly includes quality assurance considerations, parity of education clinical placement experience and clarity with regard to insurance arrangements for the duration of a placement.

Forms for education providers

As part of our new approval and quality assurance system for chiropractic degrees, providers need to keep the GCC informed of any substantive changes to programmes as and when they occur.  Providers will still need to comply with our annual monitoring and self assessment arrangements.

In this section you will find: submission of a new programme checklist; notification of a substantive change proforma and annual monitoring and self assessment form.  Completed forms will need to be returned to the GCC.


GCC Approved Programme Logo

The GCC has developed a logo designed for education providers to use on websites,  promotional materials and any other documents that relate to the specific programme(s) that is approved by the GCC.

The GCC approves individual chiropractic degree programmes as opposed to the institutions that provide them; therefore, all use of this logo must be in relation to the specified approved programme. If your institution delivers a GCC approved programme, it can make use of this logo for the following purposes:

  • The Institution’s website(s), against text relating to the specified approved degree programme(s)
  • Certificates relating to the specified approved degree programme(s)
  • Promotional material (e.g. catalogues and sales brochures) relating to the specified approved programme(s)

Guidance for the use of this logo can be found here.