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01 Dec 21

Nick Jones Registrant Update

Update on the Covid-19 Omicron variant, Infection Prevention and Control guidance and diagnostic imaging consultation.

Blog03 Nov 21

Nick Jones: The Spinal Column

This month, Nick announces the GCC’s consultation on diagnostic imaging, our new advertising toolkit and publication of the GCC Strategy 2022-24.

Registrant Blog07 Oct 21

Me and my Test of Competency (TOC), a personal perspective

Morris Kahere is a practising chiropractor in South Africa. He describes his experience of taking the Test of Competency (TOC).

Registrant Blog06 Oct 21

Supporting the active role of patients in their health

In our latest blog, Fay Waiting explains how supporting patients to take an active role in their health can lead  to improved outcomes and an enhanced patient experience.

Blog06 Oct 21

The Spinal Column by Nick Jones

In his October column, Nick reflects on the GCC's recent stakeholder consultation and how it helped create a more inclusive and balanced strategy for the organisation. 

Registrant Blog01 Sep 21

Learning the lessons to deliver safe patient care

Why incident reporting helps to improve your chiropractic skills and the profession