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In recent weeks all four UK nations have begun to reverse or remove many of the Covid-19 restrictions that we have all lived with for the past 18 months. The picture differs in countries, regions and even cities.

We recently updated our Covid-19 advice and guidance to emphasise, in summary, that infection protection control (IPC) measures and PPE requirements remain in place wherever care is provided. Further, that chiropractors must isolate if informed to do so.  I have heard it said by the ill-informed that the IPC requirements are not applicable to chiropractors as they do not work within the NHS. This is incorrect. Continuing to meet these requirements are a significant factor in the safety of patients and those providing care. 

Looking ahead, as we cautiously emerge from the pandemic, the next few years are likely to be challenging and a time of opportunity. In my conversations with chiropractors and their representatives, the demand for primary care cannot always be met and more people are turning to chiropractors to help meet their needs.

In the coming years, the health and social care system and its regulation will undoubtably be changing. It is therefore important that all involved with the profession, be it registrants, academia, the professional associations and so on, respond, adapt and evolve to change. And, of course, the GCC is no exception.  As Cicero rightly observed: “In all matters, before beginning, a diligent preparation should be made.” As I outlined in my column last month, the GCC must ensure it is equipped and ready to navigate the next few years – responsive to the challenges and ready to evolve. 

I welcome the opportunity presented by holding two UK-wide events on 25 August and 6 September (via Teams Live Events) where I can outline our vision for the future GCC and the impact we would like to have for patients and the profession. I will also be ready to receive feedback and field questions.  

I look forward to engaging with you.

I wish you well.

Nick Jones

Chief Executive and Registrar


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