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In October 2020, we commissioned a national survey to explore the views of registrants across a range of different areas including qualifications, job satisfaction, clinical practice and the future of the profession. In total, 968 registrants completed the survey

In total 968 registrants (overall response rate of 28.6%) completed  the survey. 

A series of in-depth interviews was also undertaken following the survey to understand registrants’ perceptions, experiences, and opinions in greater detail.

The research is part of the GCC’s commitment to using evidence and insight to support registrants in their day-to-day work delivering high quality patient care as well as guiding our work as a regulator. 

Survey findings summary 

Registrant Survey 2020: Main Report 

The findings showed that, despite a challenging 12 months, job satisfaction is high amongst chiropractic professionals and there is optimism about the future of the profession. Many registrants feel positive about the reputation of the chiropractic profession and its status within the wider healthcare system, although it is recognised there is still a need for chiropractors to develop closer working relationships with other local healthcare professionals in order to improve understanding of chiropractic.

Registrant Survey 2020: Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Report 

This report contains analysis of results from the Registrant Survey 2020 by registrants’ equality, diversity, and inclusion (EDI) information and accompanies the main report. 

Our CEO Nick Jones commented: ‘I am very pleased to see the outcome of the survey which was commissioned last year. Whilst the findings are broadly positive there is a lot for the GCC to reflect upon. Capturing registrant views can enable us as a regulator to provide registrants with targeted tools and resources aimed at key areas highlighted in the report - enhancing the general understanding of chiropractic, improving communication between chiropractors and patients and adapting to the changing nature of patient care, as well as nurturing relations and developing collaborative working with other healthcare professionals.

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