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A Happy New Year to you all. On behalf of myself and the GCC team, I wish all registrants, partners and stakeholders a happy, safe and productive 2023.


We have another busy year planned at the GCC as we continue our work to support registrants and raise public confidence in the profession, using our resources efficiently and carefully. I am very conscious that the fee payable by registrants is significant. The Register is in great health - the year starts with 3583 registrants, nearly 150 up on this time last year with more growth expected this year thanks to the popularity and success of education programmes.  


We will continue this year delivering the four aims of our four-year business strategy 2022-25. Council approved the Business Plan of the GCC outlining the work and impact we want to have in 2023. The standards we set (just like the new Education Standards agreed in December 2022) are informed by what patients expect. This will inform all the work we do.


Our drive for equality, diversity, equity, and inclusion (EDI) in all aspects of our work continues. Our EDI working group set up last year has achieved many targets in our 15-point Action Plan with a focus this year on ensuring our own policies are effective and understanding how our work might affect people with some protected characteristics differently


Patients have told us that registration with the GCC increases their confidence in the profession, so in 2023 we will develop new resources and guidance to promote the value of regulation and registration to patients and to the profession.


An over-arching objective of the GCC is to protect, promote and maintain the health, safety and well-being of the public. In 2023 we  will work to embed a culture of safer care across the profession: we will develop more guidance and learning resources for registrants on important areas such as candour and working with the RCC to further promote uptake of the incident reporting system (CPiRLS).


I look forward to providing regular updates on our progress throughout the year.


Nick Jones

Chief Executive and Registrar