Development of the Code

To ensure that the Code reflects patient needs, the chiropractic profession and the wider healthcare environment, we regularly update the Code. Since the original 1999 version there have been three further versions:-

The 2005 CoP and SoP

The 2010 CoP and SoP

The 2016 Code

The 2016 Code replaces the Code of Practice and Standard of Proficiency that entered into effect in 2010.

We started revision of the 2010 CoP and SoP in 2013 when we carried out a survey to identify any concerns that patients, chiropractors and other stakeholders had with the CoP and SoP. 

The survey revealed concerns over the level of duplication and verbosity in the CoP and SoP. It also found that the language needed to be clearer in terms of what chiropractors are required to do, that the two documents should be merged into one and it should be updated to reflect the changed healthcare environment since 2010.

Following the survey, we drafted a revised version addressing the issues raised by the survey and using a cleaner and crisper format mirroring the format used by other regulators. 

We spend the following two years working in partnership with patient groups, the professional associations , Royal College and other stakeholders to get their views. We also sought the opinions of individual chiropractors through consultation exercises and held a number of focus groups to ensure that everyone had the opportunity to contribute to the development of the Code. 

The final draft was approved at the GCC Council meeting on June 18th 2015.

Our legislation requires us to publish the Code a year before it comes into effect. With such a long implementation period, we spent the time developing guidance to help chiropractors implement the Code, again receiving welcomed assistance from patient groups, professional associations and Royal College along with individual chiropractors.