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How should I use my registration number?

To ensure that your patients and the wider public are aware of your new status, you may wish to include the following format on your business stationery and any advertising materials:

General Chiropractic Council
Registration number 0****

Can I call myself a 'registered chiropractor'?

As all practising chiropractors in the UK must be registered with the GCC, use of the wording ‘registered chiropractor’ is not strictly necessary.

Can I use the General Chiropractic Council logo?

No, you must not use the General Chiropractic Council’s corporate logo. However, we have developed the ‘I’m registered’ logo specifically to help you communicate your registration status. More information, including the downloadable logo is here.

Can chiropractors use the title "Doctor"/'Dr' when advertising?

If you use the courtesy title “doctor” you must make it clear within the text of any information you put into the public domain that you are not a registered medical practitioner but that you are a “Doctor of Chiropractic”. Failure to do so could lead to an allegation of misconduct. The ASA will take action in relation to advertisements implying that chiropractors are medical practioners.

Please refer to our guidance on advertising for more information.

Use of ‘Chiropractic’ in a Company Name

Find out how to get a letter of authorisation from us before registering your company name

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