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We have provided some guidance that tells you what will happen if you have had a complaint made against you.

It explains:

  • how the General Chiropractic Council deals with complaints
  • the process a complaint will go through
  • the possible outcomes.

This is only a guide to the General Chiropractic Council’s procedures, and you should not rely on it as a statement of the law. It is not a substitute for you getting legal advice or support from your professional association.

We cannot give you legal advice or tell you how to respond to a complaint. We recommend you should contact your professional association and professional indemnity insurer immediately if we tell you there has been a complaint about your conduct or practice.


Raising a Concern about a Fellow Chiropractor

This section provides information for chiropractors and other health professionals, including fellow chiropractors, who have concerns about a chiropractor.

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