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The Royal College of Chiropractors’ Quality Standards are evidence-based tools designed to deliver the best possible outcomes for patients. The are developed by expert teams and consulted on widely.

The primary purpose of Quality Standards is to provide patients, public, healthcare professionals, commissioners and chiropractors with definitions of high-quality chiropractic care. By providing a clear description of a high-quality evidence-based service, clinics can improve quality and achieve excellence.

Chiropractors are encouraged to adopt the Royal College of Chiropractors’ Quality Standards as practice policy. They can be used as a source of identifying CPD, clinic promotion or tendering for NHS contracts. They enable healthcare professionals to understand the standard of service that chiropractors provide, and allow commissioners to be confident that they are purchasing services of a high quality. Finally, the Quality Standards help patients to understand what level of service they should expect.


NICE Guidelines

NICE Guidelines are evidence-based recommendations developed by independent committees, including professionals and lay members, and consulted on by stakeholders. A number of these are of direct relevance to chiropractic practice:

Nice Clinical Knowledge Summaries

NICE Clinical Knowledge Summaries are not guidelines but are brief documents designed to provide primary care practitioners with a readily accessible summary of the current evidence base and practical guidance on best practice. Many are of direct relevance to chiropractic practice.

The Code

The Code outlines the standards of performance, conduct and ethics that are expected of chiropractors in the UK. Chiropractors must meet these standards in order to join and remain on our register.

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Guidance and Toolkits

Guidance and Toolkits to help registrants remain Code compliant across a number of professional activities.

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I’m Registered logo

The GCC 'I'm Registered' logo is for registrants' use only.

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Diagnostic Imaging

Radiographic imaging (X-ray) is part of the suite of diagnostic procedures used by chiropractors, either in a chiropractic clinic or through referral.

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Using your Registered Name, Number and the title ‘Dr’

This section provides guidance about using your registered name, registration number and the title ‘Dr’

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Use of ‘Chiropractic’ in a Company Name

Find out how to get a letter of authorisation from us before registering your company name

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