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Valuing good mental health

46.4% of all adults will experience mental health issues during their lifetime. (National Council of Mental Wellbeing)

Good mental health can help you to cope better with daily life, especially during these unusual times. Indeed, many organisations, such as the Mental Health Foundation, have long advocated that good mental health is as important to a person’s wellbeing as their physical condition. 

Within the workplace, we (employers, employees and colleagues) have a responsibility to create a culture in which people can openly speak about mental health concerns without fear or discrimination. By doing so, we can better provide support for all and begin to dismantle the long-associated stigma surrounding mental health.

To help registrants, or any other visitor to our website, the General Chiropractic Council has created this Mental Health Resource Pack, providing information, helpful tips and signposting to additional resources.

Good mental health.