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This page provides an overview of how best to use the ‘GCC Registered’ logo. The logo has been developed specifically to help individuals or practices communicate their registration status to patients and members of the public. We encourage all registered chiropractors to use the logo.

  • Please do not use the General Chiropractic Council’s corporate logo (as this may suggest that we are endorsing your practice as opposed to recognising the fact that you have valid registration)
  • If the logo is misused by registrants it will be regarded as misconduct and may be pursued as a fitness to practise matter
  • If someone who is not registered with the GCC uses the logo, they will be committing a criminal act and be liable for prosecution. Please contact us if such a matter comes to your attention.


Using the registered logo

The logo is available in four versions.

  • Any version can be used as long as it appears clear and unchanged. This is important so that chiropractors across the UK are using a consistent logo that is instantly recognisable for patients and the public

Do’s and Don’ts

Please be aware of the following points when using the registered logo:

  • The logo must be used in its entirety and not ‘cropped’ or ‘trimmed’
  • The alignment, colours and text within the logo must not be altered in any way
  • The logo must not be stretched, squashed, distorted or manipulated
  • The logo must never be changed or recreated in any way and must be reproduced using only approved digital files supplied by the GCC.

For digital applications and internal communications such as Word & Powerpoint all logos are available in PNG format.  These are downloadable below.


Vector versions of the logos are available for use in print, at any size, without loss of quality. 

Full Colour Master

Single Colour


White reversed


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