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It is important that you update the register if your details change. This is to make sure we include up-to-date practice details on our website, and also write to you at your registered practice address (this is the main practice address that we hold for you).

What can I update online?

You can add or change these details by signing into the portal.

  • Your contact email and phone number (on “Registrant Information” tab)
  • The practice address and practice contact details that are published on your details in the register (on “My Practices” tab)
  • The diversity data we hold to ensure we are meeting our equality, diversity and inclusion (EDI) responsibilities (on “Diversity” tab)

What if I change my name?

If you change your name (for instance by deed poll or after a marriage or divorce) you may continue to practise under your old name, so long as that is the name recorded in the register.

If you change the name you practise under, you must also change your name in the register so that patients can confirm you are registered. Good practice requires you to make sure that you are identifiable to your patients and colleagues, by using your registered name when communicating with patients.

To change your name (only) you should complete and return the application form along with documentary evidence of your previous and new name. This may be a marriage certificate, an enrolled deed poll or a passport in your previous name and a passport in your new name. We can also consider alternative forms of evidence.

Please note that we can only make changes if correspondence and documentation comes from the email address we hold on your record.

What if I change my gender?

If you want to practise in a gender status that is different to the one on the register, please telephone us on 020 7713 5155 to speak with one of our registration staff for details on how to do this. Your call, and application, will be confidential. We will also discuss with you whether you wish to change your name at the same time. Please note that you won’t need to provide any evidence of your change in gender status, though we will require evidence of any name change.

We will work with you to make the process as easy as we can. Timescales vary depending on your individual circumstances, but we will work with you to agree a date for the change to the register.

After you have changed your name and gender status on the register:

Two separate register entries will appear on the Register of Chiropractors. One will be under your old name and gender and will not be published on the public version of the register. The other will be in your new name and gender. Both entries have a different GCC reference number and there will be no link between them to protect your confidentiality.

When should I let you know my details have changed?

It is a legal requirement, under Section 7(1) of the GCC (Registration) Rules 1999, that you notify us of any change to your name or registered address within 30 days of that change. There is no such time-frame for the rest of your details.

Why can't you take my change of details over the phone?

We do this as a guard against fraud and also because we are a small organisation with limited resources.

What if I'm having trouble updating my details online?

If you are not able to update your details online, get in touch.

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