We publish a wide range of different publications, that will be of interest to members of the public, patients and also registrants. They can all be accessed from this section of the website.

So what are they? 

Publications for Patients and the Public

Find out about what happens when you visit a chiropractor, and how to make a complaint to us.

Publications for Chiropractors

Here you can find find our Code that all chiropractors must meet, along with Advice Notes, Guidance and other information for registrants.

Publications for Students

Are you a student, or considering becoming a chiropractor? See our guidance for students, and how you can ensure you maintain a high standard of professionalism from the start of your chiropractic career.


The GCC was established by Parliament - here you can find the legislation that governs what we do and how we operate.


We regularly publish research to inform our work.


We update chiropractors on our activities via a regular Newsletter - back copies can be found here. 

Corporate Publications    

We publish a number of documents outlining our performance. 


The internal procedures and protocols that we use.