Publications for Chiropractors

The Code

Code of Practice and Standard of Proficiency

Guidance on Advertising

Guidance on Candour

Guidance on Confidentiality 

Guidance on Consent

Guidance on Maintaining Sexual Boundaries

Guidance on the use of Social Media

Clear sexual boundaries between healthcare professionals and patients: responsibilities of healthcare professionals (Council for Healthcare Regulatory Excellence, January 2008)

Clinical imaging requests from non-medically qualified professionals

Advice Note regarding 'Open Plan' Chiropractic Practice

GCC 'I'm Registered' Logo

Guidance on Sanctions (April 2018)

Conditions bank (April 2018)

Guidance on Sanctions (November 2010)

The Ionising Radiation (Medical Exposure) Regulations 2017

Guidance on claims made for the Vertebral Subluxation Complex

Canllawiau ar Gyfer Hawliadau a wneir Ynghylch Cymhlethoedd Datgymaliad Fertebrol Ceiropractaidd (Guidance on claims made for the Vertebral Subluxation Complex)

What happens if a complaint is made about about me?


GCC Annual Review 2015

The GCC at a Glance leaflet

Cip sydyn ar y Cyngor Ceiropracteg Cyffredinol (The GCC at a Glance leaflet)

Working Together - the role of the GCC, professional associations and the RCC

Information Note: The government's review of the vetting and barring scheme: how does it affect chiropractors?

Information Note: Care Quality Commission guidance about the scope of its new system of registration: how are chiropractors affected?

A statement from the chiropractic professional associations and RCC regarding planned inspections of chiropractors with X-ray facilities

Benefits of becoming a reflective practitioner