Appeals against decisions of the Registrar

If the Registrar decides not to add the name of someone who has applied for registration to the Register, it is possible for the person who has been refused registration to appeal the Registrars decision.

He or she can do this whether it concerns an application for initial registration, annual retention of registration, restoration to the Register, removal relating to CPD or indemnity arrangements.

How does an appeal work?

Rather than put the appellant through the (possible) ordeal of appearing before the full Council, the GCC has set up a three-person Tribunal, made up of members of the Council, to hear each appeal.

Any appellant who is dissatisfied with the decision of the Tribunal has the right to appeal to the appropriate court.

Our guidance note, appeals against the decision of the Registrar, gives detailed guidance about the appeals process and the legislation underpinning it, which is

Where appeals are refused

In cases where the appellant's appeal is refused, the Notice of Decision will remain on this page for a period of 28 days. Please contact the Investigations team for a copy of our information note, the relevant legislation and for any Notice of Decision.

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