After our decision on your application

Successful applicants

Once registration has been granted we will email you with the date your registration began and your registration number.

You will then receive a pack in the post which will include:

  1. a letter confirming your registration
  2. a certificate of registration; and
  3. a receipt for the registration fee.

We also ask you to familiarise yourself with the following information on our website:   

Unsuccessful applicants

On the rare occasions when the Registrar will refuse someone registration, applicants would normally be aware of this possibility before a decision had been made. This is because we gather as much information as possible before making a decision. Each application is viewed on its own individual merits and, where the Registrar has the authority to make a decision, taken on the information at hand. In most circumstances we ask for more information if we have any queries or concerns about your application, these can include:

1. a health report
2. criminal record documentation, such as a court extract, or a police record check
3. the applicants observations, if he or she has been convicted of an offence

This is not an exhaustive list, but is to give you an idea of what we might ask you for.

If you are refused registration then you will have the right to appeal the decision of the Registrar.

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