Applying for GCC registration - Route 3

If you wish to apply by this route we must have your application before the UK leaves the EU. This is expected to happen on 31 October 2019.

EU/ EEA nationals

If you hold EU community rights that allow you to work in other member states of the European Economic Area (EEA), then you may be eligible to apply for registration under EU Directive 2005/36/EC. Further information about EU community rights can be found here.

The directive allows for the free movement of labour between EEA member states.

What are the requirements for applying under the directive?

Under the Directive you may apply for registration if you have EU community rights and:

1. hold a diploma in chiropractic awarded by an EEA member state and you are registered to practice in an EEA member state that recognises that qualification


2. hold a diploma in chiropractic awarded on completion of regulated education and training in an EEA member state where chiropractic is not regulated and have practised as a chiropractor in an EEA member state for at least 1 out of the last 10 years


3. have a diploma in chiropractic from outside the EEA

    and either

a) the practice of chiropractic is regulated in that state by a competent authority.


b) you have practised in an EEA member state for at least 3 out of the last 10 years.


Recognising your chiropractic qualification

Before you can be registered we will need to recognise your chiropractic qualification. This is so that we can be sure it is equivalent to a chiropractic qualification obtained within the UK. As part of this we ask that you map your chiropractic learning and experience against our Education Standards. So that we can do this we ask that you provide:

  • a completed application form. This will depend on whether you wish to establish yourself as a chiropractor in the UK (word application form, pdf application form), or work on a temporary and occasional basis
  • proof of nationality – such as a passport or national identity card number
  • proof of qualification - a certified copy of your professional chiropractic qualification or other such evidence showing your name, confirmation of the qualification and date achieved
  • a completed the form for mapping your professional education and work experience to the GCC Education Standards
  • evidence of any courses other than your main chiropractic qualification and experience you include on the assessment form
  • a certified copy of the academic transcript outlining the results achieved for each module studied
  • a course guideline/handbook outlining the modules studied. Please ensure the course details match those listed on your transcript.
  • a certificate of current professional status where you have been practising in an EEA state regulating the practice of chiropractic. The certificate must confirm registration with the appropriate regulatory body and provide confirmation of training standards as well as giving details of any relevant disciplinary actions against you.

Once an assessment has been done we will get back to you to advise you of the outcome. This will either be to:

  • let you know we have recognised your qualification, in which case you can progress to registration; or
  • to ask you to provide further details on specific aspects of the qualification.

If you are asked to provide us with further details we will assess this and may either:

  • recognise your chiropractic qualification; or
  • ask you to undertake an adaption period, or undergo an aptitude test. If this happens we will provide you with full details at that point.


English language skills

If English is not your first language or you did not graduated with a degree where English was used in the teaching and assessment process, you MUST send us evidence of your ability to speak English. This will normally be through possessing a minimum score of 7 in all areas of the Academic International English Testing System (IELTS) for speaking, reading, writing and listening within the last two years. Further details can be found [here].


Can I practice when you have recognised my chiropractic qualification?

No, recognition of your qualification does not automatically include registration, you must apply for registration separately. There are two options for registration:

1. to establish yourself as a chiropractor in the UK

2. to work temporarily and occasionally as a chiropractor in the UK.

I’m still not sure if I’m eligible

We realise that the rules around the directive are quite complicated and if you need some advice, please get in touch with the competent authority or contact point for chiropractic in your member state of origin (where you or your spouse were born), the member State in which you are currently practising or the member State in which you formerly qualified or practised (the “relevant competent authority”), to ensure that you meet the requirement of the Directive and that the competent authority is able to issue the documents we need to register you.

You may need to take legal advice to find out whether or not you are eligible for registration under the directive. 

If you think this may apply to you but aren't sure, please contact the GCC Registrations Team, who will advise you.

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