Applying for GCC registration - Route 4 (EU temporary and occasional)

Registration on a temporary and occasional basis for chiropractors working in the EU

This page is for those chiropractors working in another member state of the European Economic Area and who wish to work in the UK on a temporary and occasional basis.

What is a temporary and occasional basis?

We consider temporary and occasional to mean the provision of services for short periods of time and not taking place on a regular or ongoing basis.

Am I eligible to apply?

You will be eligible to apply if you

1.    have EU community rights. You can find out more information on whether you may be eligible [here].

2.    Have a chiropractic qualification equivalent to a accredited course within the UK. You will find further details [here]; and

3.    Intend working in the UK on a temporary and occasional basis taking into account the duration, frequency, regularity and continuity of the services you intend to pursue

How will my application be processed?

Firstly we will check to ensure your chiropractic qualification is similar to one that we accredit for UK graduates. You will find more information on the requirements and the process [here].

Secondly we will check the documentation you provided to ensure you meet the registration requirements. In addition to those documents you must send so that we can check your qualification, you must also send us:

  • Application form
  • Details of your indemnity arrangements, so we can be sure you are covered for practising as a chiropractor in the UK. Further details of the requirements for indemnity arrangements for all chiropractors, can be found [here].
  • Evidence of your English language skills if you do not meet our English language requirements, which will be available online shortly. In the meantime, please contact the registrations teams, [email protected].


I’m still not sure if I’m eligible

We realise that the rules around the directive are quite complicated and if you need some advice, please get in touch with the competent authority or contact point for chiropractic in your member state of origin (where you or your spouse were born), the member State in which you are currently practising or the member State in which you formerly qualified or practised (the “relevant competent authority”), to ensure that you meet the requirement of the Directive and that the competent authority is able to issue the documents we need to register you.

You may need to take legal advice to find out whether or not you are eligible for registration under the directive. 

If you think this may apply to you but aren't sure, please contact the GCC Registrations Team, who will advise you.