Frequently asked questions

1. What documents have a three month shelf life?

The application form & character reference must be dated no more than 3 months at the point of registration. If they are, you will be asked to resubmit them. In addition, where you must send us police checks or certificate of good standing/ current professional status, these must be current and no more than a year old at the point of registration.

Also, other documentation may be re-requested should they be deemed out of date.

2. Which documents must be originals?

All documentation, with the exception of  the certified copy of your passport must be original. Copies, certified or otherwise, of the remaining documents are not acceptable. Please refer to the relevant webpage to confirm which original documents you must send us.

3. I am keen to gain registration as soon as possible. How can I speed up my application?

We usually look to registration applications within 24 hours of the application arriving at the GCC. However, this does not mean you will be registered then.

You can speed up the time taken to process your application by making sure that:

  • you include all of the required documentation
  • each document meets the requirements as stated on the application form and/ or website
  • you re-read the application form carefully and sign/ date it

The time taken for your payment to clear the GCC bank account can vary, so take care when deciding which method you want to use. Credit/ debit card payments are the fastest method of payment.

Also, check your emails regularly as this is the method we will use to contact you should any questions or issues arise.

4. My documents are not in English. Will this need to be translated?

Yes, applicants are responsible for providing all documentation needed for their application and this includes translations where documents are not in English. If the document is to be translated in the UK then we suggest you use a member of the Institute of Translation and Interpreting, their website is, telephone number is 01908 325250. An equivalent overseas organisation would also be acceptable.

5. Can I pay the registration fee by credit/ debit card?

Yes, please complete the card details page on the application form. Please note that we do not take card payments over the phone.

6. Can I pay the registration fee by Standing Order/ Direct Debit?

No, all registration fees must be paid in advance of registration being granted. Therefore it’s not possible to pay your registration fee in installments. You may, if you wish, pay the fee for subsequent years by direct debit or standing order. Again the fee must be paid in advance and before the end of the retention process on 30 November in any given year. The GCC has no discretion to allow extra time for payments or waive the fee.

7. Do I need to send in my original qualification certificate?

No, we do not need to see any original qualification certificate, you can send us an original letter from the college confirming your qualification signed by either the Principal or Academic Registrar. If you are applying under the Foreign Qualification Rules the letter must state the number of course hours.

Character reference

8. Who can write my character reference?

Character references must be written, dated and signed by someone of professional standing who has known you for four or more years and is not a patient, relative or employee. A chiropractor can write the reference as long as he/ she meets the other criteria. 

Medical report

9. I’m not registered with a GP. Can a chiropractor write my medical report?

The GCC only accepts medical reports which have been written, dated and signed by your GP/ MD who will have written the report based on at least 4 years of medical records. Failing this we will accept a report written by a registered medical practitioner (someone registered with the General Medical Council or equivalent) who can confirm that you are physically and mentally fit having performed an examination. Ensure your report hasn’t been signed on behalf of your GP. This will delay your application as we can only accept reports signed by registered medical practitioners

Further details of the requirements of the medical report, including a pro-forma, can be found on our website [here]

Criminal Record Check

10. I have a drink/ drive conviction. Will this affect my chances of becoming registered?

All applicants who declare a conviction for drink/ drive or drug related offences will be asked to submit to a health assessment to ensure that there are no underlying health problems. We would also normally look for evidence from the court concerned for confirmation of the sentence. Each application is considered by the Registrar on an individual basis.


11. Where can I obtain Professional Indemnity Insurance?

The GCC is not able to provide you with details of insurance companies. However, many chiropractors either obtain insurance as a benefit of being a member of one of the UK professional association or direct from the insurance company.

12. Can you help me with Work Permits?

You will need to contact the UK Border Agency at:

13. Where can I find details of any chiropractic positions available?

The GCC does not keep details of situations vacant. You may like to contact one of the UK professional associations for assistance.

14. Do I have to register straight away after qualifying?

No, as the law currently stands you may register at any point as you have a qualification recognised for registration by the GCC. There is no time limit on when you may apply. However, we have no way of knowing whether this may change at some point in the future. 

15. I need my registration to start urgently so I can begin practising. If I bring my application to the GCC offices can I be registered instantly?

No. We are not able to offer instant registration as the documentation you submit needs to be checked. In the majority of cases – where the application is complete and were the applicant is paying by either credit/ debit card or electronic transfer – we would expect registration to commence within a few of days. We cannot guarantee this and it depends on each individual application.

16. I wish to work as an educationalist in the UK. Do I need to Register?

The GCC applies a public interest test, in that an issue only occurs where a visiting chiropractor provides treatment and a question of possible risk to the general public arises. This means that if you only intend to teach others and do not treat patients while you are in the UK, the GCC does not require you to be registered, as there is no risk to the public.

English language skills

17. English is not my first language. Is this likely to be a barrier to registration?

Not necessarily, but we may ask you to provide some evidence to show that you have the necessary skills to communicate with patients and the public. You can read our guidance on English language skills [here].