Applying for GCC registration - Route 1

I have a UK chiropractic degree recognised by the GCC

Powerpoint presentation on applying for registration

What is in this section?


Important information

  • We only accept original documents by post. documents scanned and emailed, or those with scanned signatures will not be accepted.
  • It is an offence to practise or call yourself a chiropractor in the UK without first gaining GCC registration. Make sure your employer does not include your name on their website before registration has been granted. We also strongly recommend not booking any patients until such time as you have received confirmation from the GCC registration has been granted.
  • Please be aware that if you are applying for practising registration, we will not register you until your indemnity arrangements (insurance) is in force.
  • You may apply for GCC registration if you have a UK chiropractic degree recognised for the purposes of registration by the GCC.
  • If you are not sure whether your qualification is recognised please contact our Registration Team: [email protected] or 020 7713 5155.
  • Under no circumstances do we accept scanned copies of documents. You must post your original application documents to us.
  • Do not bring your application to the GCC office


What information must I send to the GCC?

As part of your application for GCC registration you must send us the following original documents by post, along with the registration fee:

  1. a completed application form (see word and pdf versions at the top of this page). Please read the form through before attempting to complete it as it tells you the documents we need you to send us.
  2. the registration fee (Important: The registration fee is the same at whatever point in the year you join. There is no provision under the GCC rules to allow for pro-rata payments)
  3. evidence of your chiropractic qualification recognised by the GCC
  4. character reference, which must be no more than three months old at the point of registration. If you prefer you may use the pro-forma character reference available to [here].
  5. medical report
We have produced guidance on health and good character, which you can read [here].
  1. a copy of your current Passport ,which must be CERTIFIED by any of the following and stating 'I confirm this to be a true and accurate copy of the original document as seen by me'.
  • someone of professional standing, such as the person writing your character reference; or
  • an officer from the college where you obtained your chiropractic qualification. This will also need to include the formal stamp of the college; or
  • someone else of professional standing standing who is not a patient, relative or employee.
  • If you do not have a current passport then you may send a certified copy of your original Birth Certificate as well as certified photo ID, such as a driving licence or ID card.

What else might I need to send you?

  1. evidence of your professional indemnity arrangements for your practise in the UK. Please note that you will not be registered until such time as you are cover has started.
  2. Certificates of good standing and Certificates of current professional status from any regulatory bodies with whom you are or have been registered
  3. Police record check, only if you have a criminal record
  4. Evidence of your name. If you practise under a different name to the one on your passport, you must provide us with legal evidence of that name, for example a certified copy of a birth or marriage certificate
  5. if you graduated two or more years ago and have never registered with the GCC, you are asked to complete a self-assessment form to show how you meet the GCC standards as set in The Code. If you are sending us a self-assessment form, please allow 7 days for us to get back to you.
Please be aware that if you have a criminal conviction or caution, it will take longer to process your application and you should send your application to us as soon as you can and well in advance of the date you wish to start practising.


A full list of documents required can be seen in the application form.

Your registration may be delayed if you do not provide us with the documents we need you to send us to consider your application.

What happens when your application arrives?

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