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Someone wishing to register as a chiropractor must be in good physical and mental health. To ensure that this is the case, we ask applicants applying for registration to provide a medical report from their GP/ MD. We have produced a pro-forma medical report that you can pass to your GP/ MD to complete. We have also produced a consent form that your GP may ask for and which you can download [here].


Whats on this page?


We have a statutory duty under the GCC (Registration) Rules 1999 to ensure applicants are both physically and mentally fit before registration is granted.


Who can provide a medical report?

Your medical report can only be provided by a GP/ MD who:-

  • is registered with the General Medical Council or an equivalent overseas regulatory body
  • is not related to you by either birth or marriage

The medical practitioner must base the report on a review of the last four years worth of your medical records. If they do not have access to four years worth of records, they must base the report on a physical examination of you.


What does the report have to contain?

The report must include the following: 

  • your full name
  • your date of birth
  • the date the medical records that are used to prepare the report began
  • confirm you are physically and mentally fit
  • if you have any physical or mental health problems and, if so, how these are being managed
  • if you have had any physical or mental problems in the past that may recur
  • any other past medical history that the doctor feels is significant or appropriate for us to know about
  • the date the report was written
  • the GP’s signature (medical reports with  signatories other than a GP/ MD will be rejected)

We provide a pro-forma report [here] – while this form does not have be used, if your GP/ MD does complete it, you can be confident that all of the information we require is included.


Who pays for the report?

Any costs incurred in providing the report must be met by you.


I have an existing or past health conditions – will they prevent me becoming a chiropractor?

Having a health condition is not in itself a reason for refusal of registration.

If we are satisfied that you are successfully managing a health condition by taking steps which will avoid any risk to patients and will ensure that you have the ability to perform your job safely, your application is unlikely to be turned down on medical grounds.

As a consequence, if you have existing or pre-existing medical conditions, it is very much in your interests to provide us with as much information about your condition and how you are managing it as possible to allow us to make an accurate decision on your application.


What if my doctor is reluctant to make information available to you?  

We provide a consent form allowing your doctor to divulge information to us that you can find here.

We treat all matters relating to your health in the strictest confidence.


Where can I find out more?

We publish an information note for GP that provides more information. You can find it here, and you may wish to give your GP a copy before they prepare the report. The note also contains a proforma that your doctor can use and that will ensure we receive all of the information we need.

Alternatively, you or your doctor can contact us on 020 7713 5155 or [email protected]


Where do I send the medical report?

The medical report must accompany your registration application, which should be sent to us at:-

Registrations Team
General Chiropractic Council
Park House
186 Kennington Park Road
SE11 4BT


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