In 2011 the Council established a Revalidation Working Group to take forward the development of a system of revalidation for chiropractors. The working group developed proposals for revalidation building on earlier work undertaken by the Council in different phases since 2007. Council had previously consulted in 2010-11 on a proposed system of revalidation.

The Council consulted on its proposals for a system of revalidation between 1 December 2012 – 28 February 2013. The proposals were set out in a consultation document Developing a system of revalidation for chiropractors, November 2012.

The consultation consisted of three broad strands:

  • a consultation questionnaire that was available on the website and sent to key respondents for their input
  • a series of five consultation events with registrants across the UK
  • a series of meetings with a range of key stakeholders including patients and the public, and the chiropractic professional organisations.

Responses were received from, and/or meetings held with, the following people / organisations:

  • the Professional Standards Authority (previously the CHRE)
  • the Royal College of Chiropractors
  • the four chiropractic professional associations (BCA, MCA, SCA, UCA)
  • students at each of the three education providers
  • three groups of patients and the public – one convened at the GCC, one at a chiropractic education provider and one the patient group of a chiropractor
  • a small staff group of an education provider who had raised specific issues about the proposals
  • responses to the consultation questionnaire – 741 online or on paper and 7 other emails or letters.
  • five consultations with registrants across the UK which 138 registrants attended

The Council considered the outcomes of the consultation in June 2013 and agreed the way forward for further development of a proportionate and cost-effective system.

Following further development work with key stakeholders on revalidation subsequent to the June 2013 meeting of Council and in light of the developments being made by the other UK healthcare regulators, a decision was made to pause the development work on revalidation to re-assess whether the direction being pursued was the best way forward given the risks of chiropractic practice, the expectations of patients and the public, the resources needed to pilot and implement approaches to assuring continued fitness to practise and the potential forthcoming changes to legislation.

In December 2013 Council noted the developments in the approaches being taken by the other Healthcare Regulators to their continuing assurance of fitness to practise schemes and in particular the decision by the GOsC and GPhC to build on their existing schemes. It decided to delay its pilot and took the decision in February 2014 to allow developments to take place in relation to the review and development of the CPD scheme for chiropractors.

The CPD scheme will be further developed to provide greater assurances of continuing fitness to practise.