Registration fees

Please note that we are no longer accepting payment by cheque. Alternative payment methods are given below.

Credit/ Debit card payments for retention are completed online only.

Credit/ Debit Card Payment Form - post the form back to us with your application. 

Many of the fees associated with registration are included within GCC legislation and form part of an application, which means the full fee must have been paid before registration is granted.

This page sets out the various fees the GCC charges for applications.


We are financially independent of government, which means that we do not receive funding. We see our independence as an important part of maintaining standards of the chiropractic profession.


What do we do with the fee?

We use the fees we receive to perform our statutory function.

The GCC’s primary role is to protect patients. We do this by:

  • Maintaining a register of chiropractors
  • Setting standards of education and practice
  • Investigating chiropractors when issues are brought to our attention.


What are the registration fees?

Our registration fees are as follows:

  Practising Non-practising
Initial registration fee £750 £100
Annual retention fee £800 £100
Transfer to practising fee      £800
Restoration fee £750 £100

Our administrative fees are as follows:

Certificate of Current Professional Status  £50
Test of Competence £2,000

How do I pay the fee?

The GCC offers applicants and registrants several ways to pay your fees. Please note that all fees must be paid before registration, restoration, transfer or retention on the Register is granted.

Credit or debit card

New applicants, restorers to the Register and those transferring to practising registration will need to fill in the Payment of fees by credit/ debit card form [here] and return it to us with their application .

To pay your retention fee with a card you will need to login to My GCC

Electronic transfer

Please note that there are different types of electronic transfer, some are immediate and others can take three working days to arrive into the GCC account. You will need to check with your bank first.

Make your electronic transfer payment to: 

Santander plc 
Bridle Road 
L30 4GB 
Account Name: General Chiropractic Council 
Account Number: 06989640 
Sort Code: 09-07-20 
IBAN (Swift) No: GB49 ABBY 0907 20069896 40 

Please use your surname as a reference so that we can trace your payment.

Important: You must cover any fees for the transfer so that the full amount reaches our account. Fees are often taken by banks for making a payment from an overseas bank account. You will only be registered once the full fee has arrived. 

Payment options for retention on the Register

In addition to paying by cheque, credit/ debit card or electronic transfer, applicants for retention on the Register may also pay by Direct debit. However, it is not possible to pay the initial registration fee by direct debit, only the retention fee.

How long does my registration last?

The registration year is from 1 January to 31 December. The year ends at the same point whenever you are either registered, transferred, restored or retained your registration. Also, the fees are set at a flat rate so you need to pay the full fee whenever you join. This means that if you register in June you will still pay the full £750 if you are applying for practising registration for the first time.

Please be aware that you will only be registered until 31 December if you pay the retention fee for the following registration year by the statutory deadline. If you do not pay the retention fee your name will lapse from the Register at the end of the retention period on 15 December.

If I'm not registered for the full year can I pay part of the fee?

The rules that govern the GCC do not allow us to offer pro-rata fees. This means that applicants must pay the full fee before joining, transferring, rejoining or retaining their name on the Register.

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