Certificates of Current Professional Status/ Certificate of Registration Status

This page is for registrants and sets out the differences between Certificates of Current Professional Status and Certificates of Registration Status, so registrants can ensure they request the correct document for their needs

Do I need a Certificate of Current Professional Status (CCPS) or a Certificate of Registration Status (CRS)?

The CCPS is a document specifically to aid registration with other regulatory bodies, we rarely issue such certificates for other purposes. However, you can ask for a Certificate of Registration Status to be issued to any organisation, should they need it. Further information can be found below.


Certificates of Registration Status


Certificates of Current Professional Status


Certificates of Registration Status

What is a CRS?

This document confirms the details of your registration, including the start date of your registration and the next renewal date, or removal date if you are no longer registered. It also shows your chiropractic qualification

Who will you send a CRS to?

The information contained in the certificate is publicly available and so the certificate can normally be issued as you request.

How do I request a CRS?

If you’d like us to send out a Certificate of Registration, please email us at [email protected], giving the mailing address you’d like the certificate posted too (which can be your address), or an email address if you’d like us to send an electronic version.

How long does it take to issue a CRS?

We can usually issue a certificate within 5 working days of receiving the request.

Certificates of Current Professional

What is a CCPS?

This is a document which gives details of your registration, your chiropractic qualification and also confirms whether or not you have any disciplinary history or current pending actions. It used to be referred to as a Certificate of Good Standing.

Click here to see an example of a certificate of current professional status for a practising chiropractor. A non practising chiropractor will have a slightly different certificate to show they are not practising in the UK.

Who will you send a CCPS to?

Certificates of Current Professional Standing are for other regulatory bodies either in the UK, such as the General Medical Council, or overseas regulators, such as the Allied Health Professions Regulatory Agency in Australia.

As the veracity of the information in the certificate can be in no-doubt, we only send these certificates direct to other regulators. It is not appropriate for these certificates to be used for visa applications or for prospective employers.

Is there a fee for sending CCPS's?

Yes, we charge £50 for issuing certificates, to cover administrative costs. You can pay by filling in the card payment form [here]. Other payment options can be found [here].

How do I request a CCPS?

You must fill in the application form [here] before we sent out the Certificate and pay the £50 fee. Please note that we do not send CCPS’s to registrants, although we will normally email a scanned version to you as confirmation it has been issued.

How long does it take to issue a CCPS?

As the information on the certificate relates to your standing with the GCC, we need to make checks with our Fitness to Practise team. This means it can take up to three weeks before we issue the certificate.