Update your details

If your details, such as you change practices or phone numbers, change you need to let us know. This is because we include your practice details on our website and also write to you at your registered practice address (this is the main practice address that we hold for you).

Whats on this page?

What can I update online?

You can update much of your personal information online, by logging in to online services. This includes your:

  • registered address (you do not need to notify us of a change to your home address)
  • list of practices for the website
  • contact telephone numbers
  • email address
  • website address
  • diversity information

How long will it take for changes to show on the GCC's website?

Any changes made to your practice details will appear on the website when it is next updated. This is usually within about 30 minutes of any changes you have saved.

Why can't you take my change of details over the phone?

We do this as a guard against fraud and also because the GCC is a small organisation and doesn't have the resources for what can be a time consuming process.


What if I'm having trouble updating my details online?

If you are not able to update your details online, you must print off the application form, complete it, then scan and email it back to us.

What if I have a change to my name?

If you wish to change your name on the Register you will need to fill in the application form and also send us a copy of the document showing your full new name, for example your marriage certificate or change of name deed.

Alternatively, if you hold a passport in your new name, we will accept a  copy of both your old and new passports. 

When should I let you know my details have changed?

It is a legal requirement, under Section 7(1) of the GCC (Registration) Rules 1999, that you notify us of any change to your name or registered address within 30 days of that change. There is no such time-frame for the rest of your details.


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